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Eligible for Child Dental Benefit? Find out here.

Child Dental Benefit

Come in and see Katelyn our Oral Health Therapist at Harris Dental Boutique and receive your Child’s Dental Appointment refunded 50% by Medicare for eligible families.

How Medicare Child Dental Benefit Works…

The Medicare Child Dental Benefit scheme started in January 2014 and offers financial support for basic dental services for children aged 2–17 eligible families, teenagers and approved care organisations received a letter to confirm eligibility.

But don’t worry if you have lost your letter of eligibility! Give the Human Services team a call and they can look it up for you.

The 3 Eligibility Basics:

Under the Medicare Child Dental Benefits for basic dental services are capped at $ 1,000 per child over 2 consecutive calendar years. If you do not use all of your $ 1,000 benefit in the first year of eligibility, you can use it in the second year if you are still eligible. Any remaining balance will not be carried forward at the end of the second year.

Benefits will cover a range of services including examinations, x-rays, cleaning, fissure sealing, fillings, root canals, and extractions.

Benefits are not available for orthodontic or cosmetic dental work and cannot be paid for any services provided in a hospital.

Medicare Child Dental Benefit Schedule services will not count towards the Medicare Safety Net or the Extended Medicare Safety Net thresholds.

You cannot claim a benefit under the Medicare Child Dental Benefits Schedule and from your private health insurer for the same dental service.

To use your Medicare Child Dental Benefit Voucher at Harris Dental Boutique you will need to pay the account in full and then claim your 50% refund from Medicare. Submitting your claim to Medicare is easy:
  • Download the Medicare claim form and post it to the Department of Human Services, GPO Box 9822 in your capital city or placing it in the drop-box at one of the Medicare service centres
  • In person at your local Medicare Service Centre
  • By calling 132 011

There has been no announcement if there will be anything replacing the Medicare Dental Benefit Scheme, so if you would like to use your Medicare Child Dental Benefit voucher please contact the Harris Dental Boutique team.

Read more about the Medicare Child Dental Benefit here on the Human Services website.