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Root Canal

Root Canal Therapy involves the removal of infected nerves from inside your tooth. It is a dental procedure that is designed to help save your tooth from being removed.

Once your tooth and surrounding areas are numb, your Dentist will place a rubber sheet – called a dam – around your tooth. This will isolate your tooth and prevent the infection inside the tooth from spreading around your mouth.

After the inside of your tooth is accessed, your Dentist creates a chamber in the outer tooth enamel.  They then use very fine instruments to remove the diseased and infected nerves. The inside of your tooth’s root is cleaned, disinfected and sterilised, then it is filled to prevent any infection from reentering the tooth.

Usually your tooth will require a crown once the Root Canal treatment is complete, to restore the tooth’s strength and function and ensure you tooth lasts as long as possible.

Root Canal Therapy is often completed over several appointments.  This is necessary as this type of dental procedure is very detailed and requires precise results. X-rays are required during and after the Root Canal procedure to verify the treatment’s success.


Harris Dental Boutique offers many pain relief options, so Root Canal Treatment isn’t a painful procedure like many people believe.  

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