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Inaugurated in 2002 by Dr Linc, Harris Dental Boutique has set a benchmark in sophisticated, ethical dental care, always prioritising enduring quality and comprehensive care over temporary solutions. Our dedication to excellence is showcased in our detailed craftsmanship, focused on delivering exceptional dental solutions that ease patient anxieties, empowering you to recover your smile and enhance your confidence.

We pride ourselves on offering each individual a customised experience backed by our caring and skilled team of dental professionals. Our philosophy is deeply rooted in building enduring, meaningful relationships with our patients, ensuring procedures are meticulously planned and executed without haste. Transparent treatment plans are meticulously laid out to foresee and avoid any issues, coupled with comprehensive cost transparency, guaranteeing our patients feel informed at every step of their dental care process.


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Meet our Founder

Award Winner,
Dr Lincoln Harris

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Dr Lincoln Harris, the founder of Harris Dental Boutique, is a renowned dental practitioner and an acclaimed educator in the field of dentistry. His dedication to sharing knowledge led him to establish Ripe Global, a dental education company that has made a significant impact worldwide. Dr Harris doesn’t just practice dentistry; he teaches it, reaching thousands of dentists across 22 countries.

His exceptional contributions to dental education were recognised when he was awarded a prestigious accolade from the BDCC. This award is a testament to his commitment to excellence in both practice and education, and ensures that patients receive the highest standard of dental care, backed by the latest advancements in the field.

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Google Review Based on 224 Patients

Georgia B
Georgia B
It had been a while since I’d been to the dentist as I’ve had bad experiences in the past at other practices. I had a great experience with this dentist. They were very informative and made sure I was comfortable throughout my appointments. Practice is also clean and very welcoming. Highly recommend Harris Dental Boutique!
Renee Moore
Renee Moore
I had a 30 year old old white crown at the front of my mouth and my surrounding teeth had discoloured over time and had much wear. I was very apprehensive and wanted to find a dentist who could create a natural look. I highly recommend Dr. Linc and the whole team at Harris Dental Boutique. Dr. Linc is professional, gentle, his manner is calming and he is a perfectionist in his work. He created a natural look which exceeded my expectations and I now smile with confidence.
Elizabeth Little
Elizabeth Little
I have never been to a Dentist where the staff from entry to exit were the most polite , helpful and kind people. Harris Dental Boutique go above and beyond to make you feel comfortable and understand what is happening at all times . The most professionalism I have seen in one place .
Annette Hillier
Annette Hillier
The first pleasant I’ve ever had at a dentist. Very professional & Dr Kat was so gentle. My husband also had an appointment & felt the same way as me. Will definitely use from now in
Terri Wooley
Terri Wooley
Absolutely wonderful service and professionalism every time I visit. The staff are exceptional in what they do and couldn't be more kind or gentle. Highly recommend Harris Dental.
Love these wonderful people who are so caring, gentle and who listen to the concerns of their patients. A must if you have any anxiety of the dental kind. We are so fortunate to have this expertise right here in Bargara, and if I lived in Brissy, I would travel to Bargara for every treatment.
Scott Savage
Scott Savage
I travel from Brisbane to Harris Dental Boutique for all of my dental check-ups, because it is a really great place to get dental work done....especially if going to the dentist isn't a great time for you. The staff make you feel very relaxed and comfortable and I can't recommend Katelyn highly enough, as her work is brilliant every time that I go in for a check up. The premises are very modern and well designed, with things like ceiling mounted TVs and headphones, to help the time pass by while you are in your appointment. If you are looking for high quality dental, this is the place for you.
Madeline Pendergast
Madeline Pendergast
Coming from someone terrified of dentists, Harris Dental has been phenomenal. I have noticed a quality change in fillings from other dentists around town and all my dental work from Harris Dental has outlasted them all. The staff are also amazing and always make you feel welcomed. In the end you can always tell who’s had lunch because that noise probably wasn’t the dental tool, it was the dentist’s stomach rumbling…. Haha Couldn’t recommend this place any higher.!

What is a dental emergency?

Dental emergencies demand prompt attention from a dental professional to relieve pain, preserve a tooth, or manage severe infections that may affect overall health. They can occur at any time, often disrupting your daily life and even costing you a good night’s sleep. Recognising what constitutes a dental emergency is crucial for taking timely action and seeking the appropriate emergency dental treatment.

Types of Dental Emergencies

Several conditions qualify as dental emergencies, each necessitating swift intervention to prevent further complications:

  1. Severe Toothache. A toothache that prevents sleep or daily activities is a sign of an underlying problem that needs urgent care.
  2. Knocked-Out Tooth. Immediate action can potentially save a tooth that has been completely dislodged.
  3. Loose or Displaced Tooth. Any adult tooth that is unusually loose or out of alignment needs prompt attention.
  4. Chipped, Cracked, or Fractured Teeth. Depending on the severity, broken teeth can require quick treatment to save the tooth or prevent infection.
  5. Dental Abscess. Indicated by a severe, persistent toothache, fever, and swollen face, an abscess can lead to more serious infections if not addressed promptly.

Seeking Emergency Dental Treatment

When faced with a dental emergency, contacting your dental clinic should be your first step. The clinic can provide guidance on immediate actions to take while you await your appointment. In some cases, such as a knocked-out tooth, taking the right actions before reaching the clinic can considerably improve the outcome of the treatment.

Preventive Measures and Dental Care

Although not all dental emergencies can be avoided, regular dental check-ups can substantially lower your risk. These appointments enable your dentist to identify early indicators of problems that could escalate into emergencies if neglected. Additionally, adopting a thorough oral hygiene routine is essential in preventing infections and maintaining overall dental health.

The Importance of Recognising and Addressing Dental Emergencies

Knowing how to recognise a dental emergency and understanding how to respond can have a substantial impact on outcomes. Whether it’s saving a tooth or preventing a night of unbearable pain, quick access to emergency dental treatment is a key component of comprehensive dental care. Always remember, in case of a dental emergency, your first action should be to contact your dental clinic for advice and to arrange for immediate treatment. This proactive approach is vital for protecting your oral health and ensuring that emergencies are handled effectively and efficiently.

What steps are taken to acquire dental implants?

Initial Consultation and Assessment

The path to receiving dental implants commences with an initial consultation at a trusted dental clinic. Here, a skilled dentist will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your oral health to ascertain your candidacy for implants. This evaluation may entail X-rays or CT scans to assess the density of your jawbone and the status of any remaining teeth.

Creating a Personalised Treatment Plan

Following the results of the initial evaluation, the dentist will create a customised treatment plan designed to tackle your specific dental concerns. This plan details the necessary number of implants, their precise placement, and any preparatory procedures needed, like bone grafting, to guarantee the success of the implantation process.

Preparatory Procedures

Some patients may require preparatory procedures to create a solid foundation for the implants. This could involve treating existing dental conditions, performing bone grafts to enhance jawbone density, or extracting damaged teeth that cannot be saved. These steps are crucial for ensuring the long-term success of dental implants.

Implant Placement Surgery

The actual implant placement is a surgical procedure performed under local anaesthesia to minimise discomfort. During the surgery, the dentist places a titanium post into the jawbone, acting as the root for the new tooth. The precision and expertise of dentistry clinics play a significant role here, ensuring the implant is placed correctly for optimal integration with the bone.

Healing and Osseointegration

After the implant is positioned, a period of healing and osseointegration begins, typically lasting several months. Osseointegration is the process in which the implant merges with the jawbone, establishing a robust and stable foundation for the new tooth. Patients are encouraged to adhere to precise aftercare guidelines during this period to facilitate healing and prevent complications.

Attaching the Abutment and Prosthetic Tooth

Once osseointegration is complete, the next phase involves attaching an abutment to the implant, which will support the prosthetic tooth. The final step is the placement of the prosthetic, designed to match the colour, shape, and size of your natural teeth, fully restoring your smile and chewing function.

Follow-Up and Maintenance

Quality dental care doesn’t end once the implants are placed. Follow-up visits to the dental clinic are essential to monitor the health of the implants and surrounding tissues. Regular cleanings and check-ups, along with proper home care, are crucial for maintaining the implants and ensuring they last many years.

Embracing Modern Solutions to Restore Teeth

Acquiring dental implants involves several steps, from initial consultation and planning to surgical placement and follow-up care. Each stage is vital to the success of the procedure, highlighting the importance of entrusting your care to skilled dentists who can navigate through each step with expertise. With dental implants, individuals can overcome dental issues, alleviate dental pain, and enjoy a restored, natural-looking smile that enhances both their oral health and quality of life.

Why might one need to undergo wisdom teeth removal?

One might need to undergo wisdom teeth removal if the teeth are impacted, causing pain, infection, or crowding of other teeth. Additionally, wisdom teeth that emerge incorrectly can lead to difficulty cleaning the area, increasing the risk of decay and gum disease. Sometimes, cysts or tumours may develop around impacted wisdom teeth, necessitating their removal to protect surrounding bone and tissue. Early evaluation and monitoring by a dentist can help determine the best time for removal to prevent potential complications.

Is teeth whitening a safe procedure?

Under the guidance of a qualified dentist, teeth whitening is a secure procedure that can significantly enhance one’s smile without causing harm to the teeth.

Note: Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.

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For outstanding, bespoke dental care, visit Harris Dental Boutique. Our reputable clinic offers a diverse assortment of dental services designed to address the distinct preferences and requirements of our esteemed patients with superior quality and care.

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