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Restoring Bone to Restore Your Smile

Bone Grafting is a term that describes a dental procedure to “build-up” bone so that Dental Implants can be placed. Restoring bone to restore your smile typically involves adding bone or bone-like materials to your jaw. This Bone Graft can be your own bone or processed bone.

If the bone under your gum is not thick or wide enough, you may need bone grafting to restore your bone before implants can be placed.

Your Dentist will discuss your treatment options, depending on the type, location and number of implants you may require to restore your smile. It is important that you discuss all of the options available to you and fully understand the recommended treatment plan.

For Dental Implants to have the greatest chance for success, the jawbone must have enough bone to support them. Usually, loss of bone is caused by tooth loss and this generally leads to more loss of bone over time. The tooth loss may be caused by:

After Bone Grafting, you may have to wait several months for the grafted material to fuse with your existing bone. Your Dentist may recommend Bone Augmentation Procedures.  You may need to wait three to six months after Bone Grafting or Bone Augmentation before Dental Implants may be placed.

Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.