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Established and led by principal dentist Dr. Lincoln, Harris Dental Boutique has been taking care of patients in the Bundaberg and Bargara area for over 20 years. Dr. Linc opened the clinic in 2000 so his patients could receive the highest standards of service and care and access a comprehensive range of services, in a friendly and comfortable environment.

We have a strong clinical focus on providing precise, comprehensive and beautiful dentistry that you won’t regret so you’ll be able to enjoy your smile for a lifetime. By having detailed discussions about your options, ensuring comprehensive recording taking and planning and having a highly qualified, experienced and committed team you can be sure no matter what treatment you choose you’ll love your smile for years to come. 

Dental Anxiety | Nervous Patients

If you struggle with dental anxiety or are a nervous patient we know this can prevent you from having a smile that makes you feel comfortable and confident. We will listen to your concerns and understand that even something like stepping into a dental clinic for some people can be difficult which is why we tailor every step of your journey with you in mind so you can feel at ease and confident you’re in the best hands. To learn more about how we can make your dental treatment more comfortable click here.

Pain Free Dentistry

Dental anxiety or nervousness about getting dental treatment can stem from a fear of pain. We are committed to providing an exceptionally comfortable experience for our patients which is why we take many steps to ensure your treatment is as pain free as possible. 

Most of the discomfort from painful injections is caused by moving too quickly through the numbing process. All of our practitioners use a numbing gel to numb the surface of the gum before an injection. By setting a physical timer and leaving this gel for a minimum of 5 minutes we can prevent discomfort when we begin to numb. Injecting the anesthetic too quickly also causes a lot of discomfort which is why our practitioners rarely use a typical dental syringe. All of our surgeries are equipped with a computer assisted system for local anesthesia called The Wand®.  This system continuously measures and monitors the pressure of the anesthetic solution as it exits the needle tip so your practitioner can give a controlled, slow and pain-free injection a majority of the time.

Our practitioners are also aware that due to many factors some patients can be difficult to numb and are trained to use a range of local anesthesia techniques to ensure you are numb before continuing with treatment.

Comprehensive And Transparent Dentistry

At Harris Dental Boutique every patient begins with a comprehensive exam and initial consultation to discuss your treatment plan options. During your consultation with your practitioner, we advise on the best options, discuss alternatives and provide a written quote explaining all the aspects of your dental care without the confusing technical jargon.

Before we begin any procedure we create a comprehensive treatment plan to help you understand the process and aftercare involved in maintaining your smile.  There will be no surprises when It comes to your dental treatment, the amount of appointments necessary and the costs involved.

Dentistry That Will Make You Smile.

By providing an exceptionally comfortable experience.

By providing detailed information and educating you to make informed choices.

By using extensive training and technology to provide precise, comprehensive and beautiful dentistry.