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Teeth Whitening

Whiter, brighter teeth and teeth whitening itself has become quite popular in the past few years since appearing on TV makeover shows and is an instant confidence booster when your smile is whitened- even if it’s a just a few shades lighter.

At Harris Dental Boutique we offer at home whitening kits that are a fast, easy and convenient way to get your teeth sparkling. We recommend that all patients complete a general hygiene appointment prior to undertaking teeth whitening procedures.

This will ensure that your teeth surfaces are clean and will mean better, whiter results for you and your smile. Our teeth whitening kits will mean that you can smile with confidence, passion and attitude.

Impressions of your mouth are taken to custom make whitening trays, once created you will be able to start whitening your teeth.

Your whitening kit includes 10 tubes of specially formulated whitening gel syringes, place a small amount of the whitening gel inside the custom made tray which holds the gel against the front surface of your teeth.  Wear your whitening trays for only 30 minutes for about 2 weeks to see results.

Whiter teeth are probably the most common aesthetic request that patients have.

Teeth are generally the whitest they will be when they first erupt into your mouth and are perfectly healthy.  So it is only natural that we associate white teeth with health.

Most people think of whitening as simple bleaching of teeth but how teeth need to be whitened depends on the cause of the staining.

Causes of Stain

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