Bone Augmentation

Before and After Bone Augmentation

In addition to Bone Grafting, Dr Linc may use many other types of dental procedures to build-up bone for placement of Dental Implants.

A Sinus Lift increases the height of your upper jaw by filling part of your upper sinus with bone. The upper sinus is the area above your jaw on both side of your nose, above your back teeth. If you are looking at placing Dental Implants on the upper jaw and you do not have enough bone to allow it, then a Sinus Lift may be necessary.

A Ridge Expansion is a type of bone graft procedure Dr Linc may recommend when your jaw is not wide enough to support Dental Implants. Dr Linc uses a special saw to split the jaw along the top ridge. He then packs graft material into the new space.

Dr Linc may place your Dental Implants directly after this procedure, or he may recommend waiting several months for your ridge to heal. This procedure, called a Split Ridge Technique, is done by Dr Linc at Harris Dental Boutique under local anaesthesia.

Distraction Osteogenesis is used to increase the height of bone that is too short for implants to be placed. Dr Linc may make cuts in your jawbone to separate a piece of bone from the rest of the jaw. Then, a titanium piece is inserted with screws to hold the piece of bone apart from the rest of the jawbone. Every day, you unscrew the titanium piece a small amount. Over time, this makes the space between the piece of bone and the jawbone taller. The area between the pieces gradually fills in with bone.

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