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If you are too embarrassed to smile, have trouble eating or just need a few fillings the dentists as Harris Dental Boutique can help you.

Dr Linc and his associate dentists have had extensive experience and postgraduate training looking after the most complicated dental problems so you can feel safe you are in good hands with the team from Harris Dental Boutique.

Our dentists enjoy creating smiles, here is a small selection of the happy patients the team at Harris Dental Boutique have restored.  These patients are real, their stories are real and every single one of them are delighted with their new smiles. No matter how old you are or how much dental treatment you may need Dr Linc can help you.

If you are looking at cosmetic dentistry or just need a Bundaberg dentist who can look after that sore tooth then contact the team at Harris Dental Boutique for an appointment.

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Smile Gallery of Harris Dental Boutique


Don had a denture he couldn’t wear and his teeth were breaking down and becoming sore. He didn’t think dentures were a good fit for him as he had a significant gag reflex. A decision was made with Don’s dentist that the best treatment option for him would be to remove his remaining teeth and have them replaced with an implant retained denture. These can be significantly smaller than traditional dentures so are often a great fit for those who find a traditional denture uncomfortable. We initially completed all of his treatment under sedation due to his gag reflex however as Don has become more comfortable in our clinic he now has all of his appointments sedation free!


Nev had some bad experiences at previous dentists so avoided the dentist. He didn’t like his denture so often went without his upper teeth. Nev and his dentist decided the best plan for him would be to remove his remaining teeth and place an implant retained denture. In just a few appointments Nev had a full set of teeth again. Nev is loving his new smile and said it has been a wonderful experience having a full set off teeth again.

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What a wonderful experience having a full set off teeth again. My thanks to Harris Dental Boutiques Dr’s Linc, Alice, Kat and all the team for a pain and stress free experience, loving my new smile. – Nev


Brett wasn’t happy with how his teeth looked. First we removed the teeth that couldn’t be restored and also bone grafted the area so implants could be placed. To help reduce cost Brett’s lower teeth were restored using composite (Plastic filling material) and the upper teeth were restored using ceramic crowns. 


Hayley was born with no laterals and needed a temporary option as she was too young for dental implants. Hayley had 2 composite (Plastic filling material) teeth put in as a minimally invasive option until she is older.


Worn Teeth. Trevor was worried about the state of his teeth and wanted to avoid ending up with dentures. He was frustrated he had spent money previously on his teeth with a few different dentists that he felt kept breaking and not lasting. We removed several of Ken’s broken down teeth that couldn’t be restored. Some bone grafting was needed and then these teeth were replaced with implants. He also had orthodontics to straighten his lower teeth.


Adele wanted to be able to love her smile again. She had a plate however found it uncomfortable to wear so often left it out. She first had gum treatment to treat her gum disease and make sure she had a healthy foundation to build on. Cost was a concern for Adele so we then used composite (plastic filling material) to restore her teeth and we made a new and more comfortable plate. Adele couldn’t be more happy with her new smile.


Maree didn’t like that her teeth looked sharp and see through. She had difficulty chewing and wanted her old teeth back, before they were worn. We rebuild Maree’s wear using composite (plastic filling material). Maree has said she can’t stop smiling now that she loves her teeth.



Tammy had veneers done many years ago at another clinic that she wasn’t happy with. After some gum treatment to resolve her gum disease we replaced her veneers. Tammy was worried about not liking her dental work again so we planned some temporary veneers that she could wear over a few weeks that would be easy to make any adjustments to. Once they were perfect we used them as a guide to make her final beautiful veneers. Tammy has since brought her daughter in to have SMILEFAST, a similar but less invasive treatment.

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Loved all my experiences so far, especially for someone who is petrified of needles! Such gentle approaches when you’re nervous! – Jade


Jade has always been self-conscious of her smile because she was born with a defect in her enamel which caused yellow, weak and easily chipped teeth. After trying whitening several times, which won’t help with this kind of discoloration, Jade had SMILEFAST composite veneers which she loves!


Will disliked his teeth for a long time as a kid. Will had SMILEFAST composite veneers and now he can’t stop smiling.


Vicky had one tooth fail and then noticed others beginning to crumble and cause her pain. She was embarrassed by the state of her mouth and didn’t want to end up with dentures! Vicky said she was more concerned with function over cosmetics, however said she would like lovely teeth. Lucky for Vicky often a functional smile is a beautiful one! We started with treating her sore teeth and some planning. To restore her smile she had dental implants, orthodontics to straighten her lower teeth and a mix of both ceramic and composite veneers.


Janice didn’t like the discoloration of her teeth and wanted her missing teeth replaced. To work within Janice’s budget we started by reshaping her gums and then placed some composite veneers. Janice still has the option to replace her missing teeth in the future should she choose to. 


Bronwyn noticed her teeth starting to break down which was devastating to her as she had always tried to look after her teeth. Other dentists refused to treat her due to a medical condition so she was worried she had no options. We prescribed an alkaline regime to help her get her tooth decay under control and placed some temporary crowns in the meantime. Once her mouth was healthy again we did some reshaping of her gums followed by ceramic crown & bridge work and composite veneer on her lower teeth to create her beautiful smile!