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What Should You Do If Your Child Is Nervous About Going to the Dentist?

Nervous Dental Visit

Nervous Dental Visit

Regular visits to your dentist will help your child get comfortable with the surroundings, the noises, and the smells.

Children can usually sense fear in others, so if you have fears yourself, try not to express them, as you may pass this fear onto your child before they have been to the dentist.   As a parent, simply try to be supportive, especially if your child needs to have any dental treatment.

The team at Harris Dental Boutique are friendly and welcoming, making it a positive and happy environment for your child. We provide noise canceling headphones, you will be surprised how much your anxiety is reduced when you are able to listen to your favourite music or watch a movie or  tv program during treatment.

In addition to looking for and preventing problems, an early visit to the dentist can help reduce any anxiety they may have and it is a good opportunity for the dentist to advise you about your child’s teeth and how to look after them.  When should your child first visit the dentist? Read more here.

Katelyn performs adult restorative and hygiene procedures to a high quality and has a strong passion for helping children have a healthy smile. She believes having good dental health as a child, helps to reduce dental issues in the future.

She has a special interest in Dental Health promotion with the aim to educate and prevent the progression and rate of dental diseases. She always strives to continually learn and increase her knowledge in order to provide care of the utmost quality to her patients.