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Teeth Whitening: Internal Tooth Stains

Teeth Whitening Bargara

Teeth Whitening is one of the most common aesthetic requests that patients have. Generally, most people think of whitening as simple bleaching of teeth but how teeth need to be whitened depends on the cause of the staining. Stains are either: Surface Stains Internal Stains Stained Decay Filling Stains Cracks Root Canal therapy stains  Today […]

How to stop Easter from rotting your teeth

How to stop Easter from Rotting your teeth

How to stop Easter from rotting your teeth… Easter for most is all about chocolate, lots and lots of it! The Easter eggs and chocolately recipes that are made every Easter season usually turn out to be just one big sweet weekend. Are you worried about your teeth during Easter?  Do you suffer every time […]

Looking for a local dentist near Bundaberg?

Looking for a local dentist near bundaberg

What is holding you back from your next dentist appointment? Are you worried about the pain and costs associated with dental treatment? People are often concerned about pain and costs, causing anxiety about their dental treatments. We regularly find that once we have finished treating a patient, the patient is surprised at the lack of […]