How to stop Easter from rotting your teeth…

Easter for most is all about chocolate, lots and lots of it! The Easter eggs and chocolately recipes that are made every Easter season usually turn out to be just one big sweet weekend.

Are you worried about your teeth during Easter?  Do you suffer every time you eat something sweet?

Here are our Top Tips on how to limit the damage to your teeth this Easter weekend.

Don’t stop your routine
Make sure during Easter weekend that you don’t forget your usual brushing and cleaning routine.  The worst thing you could do is to stop brushing! Good Friday to Easter Monday is the prime time you will be indulging in dinners out, sugary snacks, chocolate and alcohol and all of these can damage your teeth if you ditch your regular routine.

Time for ‘Treat o’clock’
Let’s face it you are going to be eating sweets and chocolate over Easter, you can, however, minimise the damage it can cause your teeth by using the “Treat O’Clock” method.  Limit your treats to specific times like as a dessert straight after meals, this will limit the exposure of sugar on your teeth than continuously snacking on chocolate Easter eggs all day long.

Say no to Toffees
Toffees and hard boiled lollies are also enjoyed during Easter!  But let me tell you they can pull out old fillings, break teeth and often get stuck between your teeth.   The sugar used to make toffees are usually very sticky and will stick to your teeth.  It isn’t easy to clean off and this can cause damage to your tooth enamel.  Try something softer, I prefer caramel-filled eggs.

Drink plenty of Water
Choose to drink water when eating Easter treats, instead of juice or soft drinks that contain lots of sugar.  This combination provides the ideal environment in your mouth and may cause erosion of your teeth. Even just rinsing your mouth with water after each chocolate egg will help rinse off excess sugar on your teeth. You could also try drinking milk, it is a great alternative.

Hopefully, these tips will help keep the tooth damage to a minimum this Easter weekend.  Harris Dental Boutique is closed during the Easter long weekend and will open again on Tuesday.  If you have a dental emergency during the Easter weekend please call Harris Dental Boutique on  07 4158 5813 and our after hours message service will direct you.

How to stop Easter from Rotting your teeth.