Bargara Teeth Whitening Bundaberg

Teeth Whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures available today.

It can provide one of the quickest, most effective ways to enhance the appearance of your smile. Here at Harris Dental Boutique in Bundaberg, we have provided a list of fun facts about teeth whitening such as the top myths and foods/beverages that cause tooth discolouration that you should avoid helping keep your teeth as white as possible.

Myth: Teeth whitening is painful

Teeth whitening should not be painful; however, gums and teeth can be very sensitive to hydrogen peroxide. Most tooth whitening procedures increase teeth sensitivity for twenty-four hours until the teeth become remineralised by saliva. Here at Harris Dental Boutique our gentle touch and experienced staff will ensure your comfort is prioritized throughout your treatment.

Myth: Whitening damages your enamel

Although teeth whitening has been associated with damaging teeth enamel, a recent study by the Journal of American Dental Association concluded that teeth whitening agents do not increase the susceptibility of wear on tooth enamel. However, those products sold over the counter are not always ADA approved and can, therefore, be a risk to your health and enamel. By seeking a professional treatment here at Harris Dental Boutique you can rest assured knowing that we use safe effective products.

Foods and beverages that cause stains

Certain foods can stain your teeth, but here at Harris Dental Boutique, we can help whiten and brighten your smile to help boost your confidence and self-image. It is important to be conscious of the foods you eat and how they can affect the condition of your teeth. As such we have provided a list of known staining culprits to avoid.

Red and White Wine: Red wine, an acidic drink with intensely pigmented molecules called tannins and chromogens, is notorious for tooth discolouration. White wine is even more acidic and can lead to stains.

Soda: Again, the acid in these drinks can lead to serious staining of your teeth. Sodas contain enough acid that they can encourage staining by other foods and drinks. Did you know that the acidity in some carbonated drinks is so intense that it actually compares to the acidity in battery acid? Sodas and carbonated drinks are certainly not healthy for our oral or overall health.

Tea and Coffee: Recent studies have found that even herbal teas, white teas and coffee have the potential to erode enamel and cause tooth staining.

Sauces: Deeply-coloured sauces are believed to have significant tooth-staining potential. Consider lighter cream sauces, or if you do consume dark coloured sauces then rinse after eating to reduce tooth stains.

Candy & sweets: Hard candy, chewing gum, or popsicles that make your tongue change colours, generally contain teeth-staining agents. Fortunately, eating these foods sparingly probably won’t do much to stain your teeth.

Seek professional teeth whitening treatment for a pearly white smile….

There’s been increasing awareness about tooth whitening ever since that makeover shows on television made people aware of it. Many people have had their teeth whitened and have been disappointed with the result. Others have heard about these less than satisfactory results and have held off having their teeth whitened. Of course, individual results will vary.

At Harris Dental Boutique in Bundaberg, we offer at-home whitening which is a fast, easy and convenient way to get your teeth sparkling. It means that you can smile with confidence! Smile with passion! And smile with attitude! Comprehensive cosmetic dentistry for a total smile makeover

White teeth are just the beginning of a perfect smile. At Harris Dental Boutique we provide a comprehensive range of cosmetic treatments to restore and enhance your teeth whilst ensuring the health and integrity of your smile.

Bargara Teeth Whitening Bundaberg

So, if you are ready to take the first step towards a whiter brighter smile? Please don’t hesitate to contact us to book an appointment.