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Christmas is a time of indulgence, enjoyment and quality time; why not turn your attention to your oral health; indulge in our range of quality dental care treatments and enjoy the results…

Teeth take it hard at Christmas time, with all the delicious food and drink to be shared around the finely decorated Christmas table it is no wonder that some of us can neglect to realise how much damage we are doing to our teeth. At Harris Dental Care in Bundaberg we love Christmas time, especially the Christmas food; rumballs, short bread, plum pudding and aunty carol’s apple slice you name it! Unfortunately, a Christmas diet consists of mainly sugary and oily foods that certainly taste good but actually do nothing for our teeth (and not to mention our waste lines). If you are planning to go all out this Christmas you may want to invest in a little TLC (tender loving care) for your teeth to make sure that they don’t strike out this Christmas.

A dental check-up before Christmas can give you an insight into your pre-Christmas oral health…

In preparation for Christmas the most important things to organise are usually the Christmas decorations, the presents and the Christmas food, but one thing you should add to your Christmas list is a visit to the dentist. A check-up at our Bundaberg dentist can assess your oral health to determine whether your teeth and oral health are up to the challenge of the Christmas season. During your check-up at our clinic we will assess your dental history and ask you about your concerns with your teeth. We will perform an oral examination to assess for signs of tooth decay, gum disease and oral cancer. At the end we will advise you on appropriate dental treatments required to bring you to your best oral health (if any are needed) in time for the Christmas season.

Five tips to remember during the Christmas season…

To ensure your teeth get the best present of all time this Christmas (a clean bit of oral health) then stick to these simple tips for keeping your teeth happy and healthy and out of harm’s way of developing oral health problems such as; tooth decay and gum disease:

  1. Always eat sugar free gum or brush your teeth after sugar/citrus/oily meals.
  2. Brush and floss your teeth twice a day
  3. Substitute hard foods for softer foods (hard bread rolls to soft rolls) so your teeth are not strained.
  4. Limit your sugar and citrus intake
  5. Rinse your mouth out with a fluoridated mouthwash

At Harris Dental Boutique we encourage patients who are experiencing post-Christmas toothache to visit us at our Bundaberg practice…

Everyone feels satisfied after Christmas day, there is left over food in the fridge, you are surrounded by family and your stomach has never felt so full. However, if you begin to feel tooth sensitivities or toothaches after your Christmas binge it is time to consider a visit to our clinic. If your tooth is feeling overly sensitive or experiencing a painful toothache then that might be a sign of a deeper problem. Unless you had an oral health check-up before Christmas you may not be aware of the health and state of your teeth but by making an appointment with Harris Dental Boutique in Bundaberg we can assess whether your toothache is anything to worry about or whether you will require dental intervention.

Oral Health Bundaberg

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