Happy Healthy Tooth Brushing ActivityHappy Healthy Tooth Brushing Activity

Tooth brushing should be done morning and night for 2 minutes with a soft bristled toothbrush.

Once all your child’s baby teeth have come through, a small amount of a childrens’ fluoridated toothpaste should be used.

To correctly brush your teeth, use small strokes in a circular motion, paying extra attention to the gum-line of all teeth and hard-to-reach back teeth.

Follow these instructions to ensure all surfaces of each tooth is cleaned properly:

  1. Clean the outer surfaces of your upper teeth, then your lower teeth
  2. Clean the inner surfaces of your upper teeth, then your lower teeth
  3. Clean the chewing surfaces
  4. For fresher breath, be sure to brush your tongue, too

This tooth brushing activity is a fun and useful way to help your child understand the importance of brushing.


  1. Print out the page and laminate.
  2. Draw on some tooth germs using a whiteboard marker.
  3. BRUSH TIME! Using a clean toothbrush, brush in gentle circles to remove all the tooth germs and reveal a happy and healthy smile.

Download your printable Tooth brushing activity here.

Katelyn our Oral Health Therapist at Harris Dental Boutique performs adult restorative and hygiene procedures to a high quality and has a strong passion for helping children have a healthy smile. She believes having good dental health as a child, helps to reduce dental issues in the future.

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Happy Healthy Tooth Brushing Activity