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Straight Teeth Bundaberg - Find out the 5 great reasons to straighten your teeth from Harris Dental Boutique Bargara Bundaberg

At Harris Dental Boutique we shed some light on some of the most beneficial reasons to choose Invisalign for your orthodontic treatment…

If you want to straighten your smile at Harris Dental Boutique in Bundaberg we have one of the most advanced and effective treatments available and best of all, it’s virtually invisible! We offer Invisalign, which ditches the need for the traditional bracket and wire system for something much more comfortable – clear aligner trays. These aligner trays are transparent and made from hospital grade plastic that slowly move the teeth to the desired position. You will receive new aligners every two weeks and virtually everyone is a suitable candidate for this treatment – adult or teen. Here are 5 great reasons to choose Invisalign!

ONE – It’s virtually invisible so you can smile with more confidence…

Invisalign’s unique transparent aligner trays are completely clear and almost unnoticeable when worn over the dental arches. Did you know that Justin Bieber used Invisalign and wore it to a red carpet event? Neither did we! That’s the beauty of Invisalign!

TWO – Invisalign is completely removable to maintain oral health…

Invisalign is unique as it is one of the few orthodontic systems that allow the patient to remove their trays from the mouth in order to maintain proper hygiene. Brush and floss just as you normally would with Invisalign, it’s easy!

THREE – Invisalign is lifestyle-friendly so you can enjoy your food and social events…

Since Invisalign aligners are completely removable, there are little to no dietary restrictions like there are for conventional braces. Enjoy the foods you like and take the aligners out for special occasions or photos for complete flexibility throughout your treatment! It is important to note however that your compliance is essential for best results so ensure you or your child wear the aligners constantly and if you must, only remove them for short periods of time.

FOUR – Your aligner trays are custom made to your mouth for optimal comfort…

Unlike traditional braces, Invisalign’s clear aligner trays are customised to your smile to heighten comfort throughout treatment. Also, without those pesky brackets and wires you have less chance of experiencing discomfort due to cuts or ulcers caused by braces!

FIVE – They not only work to straighten teeth, they can also correct small malocclusions…

Invisalign is virtually suitable for all patients, including those who have mild malocclusions! This means basically anyone can undergo Invisalign treatment unless otherwise recommended by Dr Harris.

At Harris Dental Boutique we also offer invisible braces in the form of ‘6 Months Braces’ which work fast and effectively and use clear brackets and wires for minimal obstruction to the smile. We believe in providing high quality treatments for our patients and listen to what you want in order to ensure your needs are met in your treatment plan.

If you have been recommended orthodontic care and do not want to undergo traditional forms of orthodontics, at Harris Dental Boutique we hear you! Our dentist will be able to assess your smile and recommend which treatment is best for you.

Straight Teeth Bundaberg

For further information on Invisalign or ‘6 Months Braces’ please do not hesitate to contact us at our Bundaberg dental practice.

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