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Harris Dental Boutique can help reinvigorate your smile and your life with Invisible Braces for adults!

Have you been concerned about the appearance and straightness of your teeth but think you’re too old, or don’t have enough time to get treated? Here at Harris Dental Boutique in Bundaberg we offer innovative and comfortable Invisible Braces.

Invisible Braces are similar to metal braces however they’re made completely out of tooth-coloured material that blend flawlessly with the natural appearance of the teeth. They are perfect for adults who are self-conscious about their teeth, want to fix them, but don’t want their treatment to affect their appearance.

Meet the ideal candidate for Invisible Braces…

Susan works full time as an advertising executive. She wears an immaculate suit to work and is passionate about appearance. There’s just one problem. Susan has had crooked teeth ever since she was young and her smile has always been a problem affecting her self-esteem. She doesn’t want metal braces because she doesn’t want her clients to be distracted by metal braces and she doesn’t want her appearance at events such as her friend’s wedding to be affected by big metal and distracting braces.

If you’re like Susan or if you just want straighter teeth without the metal then feel free to visit us at Harris Dental Boutique so that we can bring life back into your smile. We have treated a variety of adult patients and have even treated patients in as little as four months, with most treatments taking up to 9 months. While 9 months can seem like a long time, in the scope of things, 9 months is a small amount of time to pay for a lifetime of confidence and straight teeth.

Children and teens can benefit just as much from Invisible Braces

If your children also suffer from crooked teeth invisible Braces are completely suitable to treat younger teeth as well. In the current world there is a lot of pressure to look good all of the time, and that pressure is all the more prominent during adolescence. If you think your child or your teen would benefit from this incognito dental or if you want to know more please visit us at Harris Dental Boutique.

Invisalign is the most subtly dental treatment available…

If you desire an even more subtle treatment for your crooked teeth you might want to start thinking about Invisalign! Invisalign is a series of transparent bespoke mouth guards which are worn to align the teeth. They can be taken out easily while you’re eating or for events and are the complete innovative form of incognito teeth straightening. Treatment can take slightly longer than Invisible Braces as you will be treated by a series of 18-36 mouth guards, but being able to be braces free during the process may suit your lifestyle or desires better.

Veneers can be used to treat small discrepancies…

If you have small problems with crooked teeth and want your smile to look that little bit more straight veneers can be used to cover your teeth and conceal their imperfections. When your teeth are fitted with veneers they will create the illusion of a perfectly straight set of teeth all in one simple appointment!

Invisible braces Bundaberg

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