soda is bad for teeth ban on soft drinks

With more Australian states signing on to support the ban of soft drink sales in public schools, it seems the initiative is really picking up momentum.

According to The Courier Mail, the labor government’s Chief health officer has called for parents to stand firm against children being allowed soft drink not only at school but at sporting events.

Chief health officer, Jeannette Young, who has targeted obesity as her major health challenge the past 2 years, is also asking for parents to get behind the initiative and ban soft drinks at home.

While the initiative is aimed at decreasing obesity issues, here at Harris Dental Boutique in Bundaberg, we believe that the ban will do wonders note only for children’s overall health but their dental health too.

Keep your mouth sugar free!

Soft drinks have emerged as one of the most significant causes of tooth decay. The Acids and acidic sugar by-products found in soft drinks soften tooth enamel, which causes the formation of cavities. Giving your children the best start in life when it comes to their dental health is essential for a healthy and functional smile.

Children, adolescents and adults can all benefit from reducing the number of soft drinks they consume whilst ensuring they maintain regular oral hygiene care coupled with regular dental check-ups and professional cleans.

When was the last time you had a dental check-up?

At Harris Dental Boutique we recommend bringing your child to visit us for their regular oral examination and professional clean every 6 months. A professional clean will get rid of the built up tartar that regular brushing and flossing cannot remove.

What to expect at your dental check-up visit

Dr Harris will thoroughly clean your teeth and take some precautionary X rays so that you can be confident of your dental health. At this appointment we will carefully examine your teeth and gums to ensure optimal oral health and to prevent or treat problems before they worsen.

Bundaberg Dentists

Not only will you be looking after your dental health, but you are avoiding expensive dental work later in life as a result of regular dental maintenance here at Harris Dental Boutique in Bundaberg.

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