Our dental implant procedure can permanently restore the form and function of your smile!

Are you ashamed of your missing teeth and are seeking a restoration that is not only permanent but can restore your smile to full functionality? At Harris Dental Boutique in Bundaberg, we provide a revolutionary treatment that utilises special implants that can last a lifetime!

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is essentially a titanium screw which is biologically compatible with the jaw and is inserted directly into your jawbone. After allowing a few months for the implant to heal, the jawbone accepts the screw and fuses around it to create a sturdy, durable and strong tooth root alternative. A dental crown is then placed over the implant to finish the restoration, giving you back the ability to talk, laugh and bite with confidence.

The benefits of dental implants…

Dental implants are not only a permanent solution to your tooth loss, they also:

  • Help to make sure adjacent teeth are not compromised to replace the missing teeth
  • Help preserve the integrity of the facial structure
  • Ensure the mouth is restored to an almost natural state
  • Help to maintain the health of your mouth
  • Makes oral hygiene easier

At Harris Dental Boutique we are committed to helping our patients achieve the best smiles possible, and with dental implants we can now permanently restore damaged smiles for life.

Lincoln Harris Dentist

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