Meet Dr Linc

Meet Dr Linc

Meet Dr Linc – Bargara Dentist near Bundaberg

Dr Linc has been a dentist in Bargara near Bundaberg for 15 years. During this time, he has had the pleasure of helping many people all over Australia to smile again.

Dr Linc is really passionate about dentistry. With the help of his team, he strives to provide patients with the very best dental care. Using state-of-the-art advanced techniques and technologies, he helps patients rediscover their smile, providing the best quality results.

Dr Linc grew up in the Bundaberg region and has many ties in the local community.  He enjoys spending time on the land when he is not treating patients, attending to cattle on his small cattle farm at Burnett Heads. Dr Linc is kept busy at home with four children, all born in Bundaberg.

Dr Linc has 18 years of dentistry experience in Australia and abroad. His passion for looking after his patients’ teeth has him dedicating hundreds of hours in ongoing training to keep updated on the latest in technology, materials, and dental techniques.

Dr Linc has studied cosmetic and restorative dentistry from internationally recognised institutions all over the world. He is a leader in the field of cosmetic and restorative dentistry.  Dr Linc is one of the first dentists in Australia to become fully qualified in bone and soft tissue grafting, helping his patients to smile and eat again.

Dr Linc continues to travel frequently around Australia and overseas to keep up-to-date with the latest developments in dentistry, to ensure he can provide state-of-the-art care for all of his patients.

His ongoing training has helped him diagnose and deliver options that give his patients the results they want. Dr Linc uses a wide range of techniques and materials to help him achieve results that look great and work well.

Dr Linc teams with the best laboratories to produce beautiful teeth, so you can experience a beautiful, natural smile that feels great.

Dr Linc provides dental education for dentists all around the world. He is known as one of the best dental educators, sharing his dental knowledge will fellow dental professionals worldwide. Dr Linc has lectured in Australia, New Zealand, England, USA, South East Asia and runs his own online dental academy.

Dr Linc

"I grew up in the Bundaberg region, so it felt only natural to set up my first dental practice in Bargara over 15 years ago.   What I enjoy most about being a dentist in Bargara is seeing the transformation of my delightful patients.  It is such a pleasure to see so many people in the community trust me with their dental needs."

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