Recent studies find link between laughter and overall health

Recently it has been discovered that just the act of smiling, even if it is forced, lowers the heart rate and blood pressure, boosts the immune system, diminishes pain and creates a youthful appearance. Go further and incorporate laughter into this equation and you have stimulated muscle groups, more oxygenated blood and chemicals released into the brain called Endorphins, which are anti-depressive and create a ‘feel good’ vibe.

Other links between the mouth and the body…

Not only is laughter and smiling an important facet of life, the condition of the mouth can also be linked to other issues in the body! Poor oral health can lead to conditions such as diabetes, stroke, heart disease and even dementia!

Oral health more important than ever…

At Harris Dental Boutique we know how imperative the condition of the mouth is for the overall health of the body, and understand how confidence can lack if a smile is crooked, missing teeth or discoloured. That is why we believe in providing the best in dental care and treatments to allow quality of life back in our patients.

Our expertise…

At Harris Dental Boutique in Bundaberg, we offer a vast range of dental treatments to ensure you leave with the smile and confidence you deserve. Invest in your teeth to get the most out of your body and spirit.

laughter and overall health

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